Recycling Farm and Municipal Plastics

What we do

We are plastics recycling experts, primarily focussed on municipal film and farm film recycling. On average 35,000 tonnes of farm plastic waste is generated each year in Ireland but only 10,000 – 15,000 tonnes of this is recycled every year. The majority of this is exported to European recycling plants. Caglin has the solution to this to increase the recycling volume in Ireland substantially and reduce export levels. Our goal is to become Ireland’s leading plastic recycler, reducing both the exportation and illegal dumping of valuable waste.

Unique Technology

Our unique recycling process, to which we have the global rights, incorporates technology that means for the first time in Ireland, farm plastics can be recycled back into both agricultural and industrial film plastics.

Caglin was founded in 2015 to process film plastics.

Caglin was founded in 2015 by Irish and Polish recycling experts with over 100 years combined experience in plastics, energy, finance and business. The unique recycling technology we use, and to which we have the global IP rights, enables us to contribute to protecting the environment and reserve natural resources through reducing CO2 emissions. No chemicals are used in the process.

The Caglin Team

Leading experts in recycling film plastics

Conor Toolan


Gerry Smith


Andrew Parish


Mariusz Linga

Sales Director

Adam Dzwigon


David Kuswik

Production Director